Coming up: hiking Norway from north to south summer 2017

This isn`t the ordinary road map of Norway. It doesn`t show you the driving course from Oslo to Bergen, or how to get from Kautokeino to Kristiansand with a caravan.

What it shows is the marked hiking routes in my country. It shows the teeming crisscrossing mountain trails in Jotunheimen, the sparse marking in Borgefjell (maybe the wildest national park in Norway, where no red T-s are allowed), and the red lines in north traverse open widths where the place names are written both in Norwegian and in Sami.

This map reminds me of another map; that of the arteries in the human body, the way they are drawn in an anatomy book. I like the resemblance, and I like the thought of the paths and the tracks in the outback being blood vessels providing us with vital oxygen.

I need that air now. I need to hike those lines and get the blood through my capillaries.

I quit my job and decide to hike Norway from north to south, from North Cape to Lindesnes.


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